Russian Gay Activist Confirms His Resignation
 Nikolai Alekseev has quit

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■ Nikolai Alekseev: Almost tradition that he was arrested at Moscow Gay Pride by the OMON.
photo: GayRussia

MOSCOW, October 21, 2011    Nikolai Alekseev, the LGBT activist who has the highest profile in Russia, has stepped down from his activities at GayRussia Website and as chief organiser of Moscow Pride.  He is one of the best-known LGBT activists in the world.

Late last night, Mr. Alekseev posted on both Facebook and Twitter about his decision – and he also sent Emails to ‘listservs’.

In his message, he wrote: “Dear friends, today on 21 October 2011, one year anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights verdict in the case of illegality of Moscow Pride bans I decided to resign from the positions of the head of Russian LGBT Human Rights Project GayRussia.Ru and head of Moscow Pride Organizing Committee. From midnight 21 October 2011 in Moscow and up to the decision on the new leadership Project GayRussia.Ru will be headed by Nikolay  Baev and Moscow Pride Organizing Committee by Alexander Naumchik.”

The news appeared to have astonished the world, being received with considerable scepticism.  However, this afternoon Mr. Alekseev confirmed his decision.

“It is true that I am fed up, and that is why I decided to step down,” he said in an Email to UK Gay News.

“I also decided not to give any further comments on my decision,” he added.

Nikolai Baev, who takes over GayRussia from Mr. Alekseev, said that nothing should be read into this resignation.

“The reason is totally personal,” he said.  “He just decided to change his activity and life style, and he has a full right to this.

“I really respect his decision and must say, that all his friends and colleagues here in Russia are sorry that we will keep our fighting without Nikolai.

“However I really appreciate him for all he made for LGBT movement in Russia.  With his help we achieved enormous results.

“It's really pity that he has resigned.

“We will continue our activity here in Moscow and will do what Nikolai did with more efforts, if not with the same energy like Nikolai – which was absolutely unique.








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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 14:00 (UK time)


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