Cameron’s New Polish Euro Pals Demand Gay Internet Crackdown



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WARSAW, January 1, 2010    UK Tory leader David Cameron’s new European Parliamentary allies, the Polish Law and Justice Party (PiS), are yet again targeting gays as they demand a government clampdown on paedophiles and the Internet.

The political party, which has a long track record of linking gays with paedophilia, joined with British Conservatives to form a new European Parliament political group, European Conservatives and Reformists, following the European elections last June.

Since then, Mr. Cameron has insisted serveral times that the Polish Law and Justice Party are no longer homophobic.

Now, 27 Law and Justice MPs have signed a parliamentary question demanding the setting-up of a special department at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita has reported.

“The team would monitor homosexual websites because we are dealing with the promotion of the so called ‘positive paedophilia’ by some homosexual circles,” MP Stanislaw Pieta, author of the parliamentary question, said in an interview with the newspaper.

In addition, the MPs are demanding that the Ministry discloses statistics on the number of cases of paedophilia uncovered in the past ten years – detailing the cases of homosexual paedophilia.

And in the interview with Rzeczpospolita, Mr. Pieta bandied around some dubious statistics from Britain.

“I am not saying that every gay is a paedophile, but let us consider the example of Great Britain where from 20 to 43 percent of uncovered cases of paedophilia are homosexual instances, while gays make only 1% of society,” he said.

“Hence, it is a problem,” the MP stressed,

The MPs who signed the parliamentary question also want to know if the police are given training in finding paedophiles among gays – and if the police undertake ‘reconnaissance’ operations to identify and monitor clubs and “dive bars” frequented by gays.

“It is the return to the times of the Polish People’s Republic, when the secret police in communist Poland was conducting the anti-gay ‘Hyacinth’ operation,” Marta Abramowicz, head of Kampania Przeciw Homofobii (Campaign Against Homophobia), told Rzeczpospolita.

“The police go to gay clubs not to monitor these group but rather to prevent hate acts against gays.”

Law and Justice MP also want the Ministry of the Interior and Administration to collect data on the cases of mothers who renounce the custody of their children in favour of a gay person. 

The MPs cite a Rzeczpospolita article from November in which it was revealed that  gay activist Arkadiusz Karski explained on his Website how a gay can evade the law in order to adopt a child.

Rzeczpospolita has pointed out a legal loophole which enables a crime to be committed,” Law and Justice MP Zbigniew Kozak told the newspaper.


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