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Two Anti Gay Hate Groups in Serbia Zapped by Facebook

Others are being investigated by the social network site



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LONDON, December 27, 2008  –  Two Serbian “gay hate groups” have been removed by Facebook.

Two days ago, UK Gay News revealed that the two Facebook groups, “Queeria, Pederi Marš iz Srbije” and “СТОП ПЕДЕРИМА - КВИРИЈИ!” were posting death threats on Serbian gay men and women – and calling for other criminal activity, including attacks on property..

Serbian LGBT activist leaders were singled out, and even addresses and telephone numbers were made public.  Hate email was also being sent.

“Facebook has looked into these groups and has confirmed that they violate Facebook’s Terms of Use,” a UK spokesperson for the company told this website this morning.

“As such, both groups have been removed.”

There are a further eight similar groups online, and Facebook said that these were currently being investigated for “Terms of Use” violation.

“The Facebook team is monitoring this particular matter closely and will certainly take groups down that violate its Terms of Use,” the spokesperson added.

The eight other Facebook pages mentioned above were all removed within hours of the company receiving the url's


Please Protect Us, Serbian Gays Plead: Death Threats, Attacks Faced as Facebook Fails to Remove Two Hate Groups.  Please protect us.  That is the plea from gays and lesbian in Serbia to their government, the police and the wider world this holiday season. (UK Gay News, December 26, 2008)




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Posted: 27 December 2008 at 21:00 (UK time)


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